Refrigeration: the key to manufacturing, storage and distribution of Australian produce to the world.

Australia’s reputation as a producer of clean, green and safe food has created high global demand for Australian food products – particularly beef, wheat, canola, barley, sugar and dairy. With the export of Australian products set to increase due to the economic rise of some of our most prominent export partners such as Asia, there are huge opportunities for Australian companies.

‘Asia’s economic rise presents substantial opportunities for Australia’s agriculture and food sector. Asia is expected to contribute most of the projected 35 per cent growth in global food demand by 2025 . Asia is already a large market for Australian agricultural exports and is well placed to increase its share as the market grows.’ PwC – Australian Dairy Industry Report.

When expanding into the global market there are many aspects of the logistics chain that must be considered. One of the most important aspects to consider for the agricultural and food sector is refrigeration, namely the distribution and storage process. Chilled and frozen products must be stored securely to ensure all requirements of the cold chain are met, thus guaranteeing a safe and superior end product. Seafood, meat and dairy must be stored at correct temperatures in order to maintain food quality, therefore it is key that you have reliable equipment at all stages of the manufacturing, storage and distribution process.

Whether for a food-related manufacturing, cold storage or other manufacturing process Amertec has the experience and knowledge to deliver reliable solutions to meet customers’ requirements. Amertec designs a wide range of cost effective storage solutions; which remain both fully customisable and energy efficient for any business. Our clients include many of Adelaide’s leading food processors, manufacturers and distributions warehouses.

Our expertise covers the design, install and servicing of:

  • Cold storage both low temperature and medium temperature
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Controlled processing environments
  • Chillers
  • Loading docks

If you are looking for premium services and the highest quality industrial and commercial refrigeration, heat transfer equipment and air conditioning systems, contact our Amertec technicians today on 1300 263 783 to book a consultation.