Oil/ Glycol/ Refrigerants

Amertec offers a large range of premium refrigeration compressor oils, from reputable companies such as Vilter, Mobil, Suniso, BVA and Solest. We understand the demand for readily accessible oil is high; so between our large on-site stock and our extensive supply chain we are able to minimise lead times.

We also offer a waste oil disposal service at our Adelaide Warehouse, where discarded oil is stored for collection, then recovered and reused.

Amertec also offer glycol for refrigerants, including:

  • Ethylene Glycol
  • USP grade propylene Glycol
  • Alcool LF Brine
  • Ammonia Refrigerants
  • HCFC/HFC Refrigerants (R410A, R404A, R134A, R407C etc.)