Health / Pharmaceutical


The pharmaceutical industry has a high demand for reliable and accurate refrigeration systems that remain energy efficient and environmentally conscious. Our technicians are continuously trained in specialised refrigeration systems found in this industry. From standard pharmaceutical fridges to ultra-cold -80 oc freezers, Amertec has the experience and the answers.


Safeguarding clinical samples, such as blood, vaccines and plasma, are imperative for the accuracy of patient test results and their ultimate recovery. Amertec designs and manufactures high performance laboratory refrigerators and freezers that provide reliable temperature control as well as a clear conscious.

Medical and Scientific

Some of Amertec’s key clients include most of the major medical and research establishments in Adelaide. These customers require high levels of service and expertise to ensure that their very precious contents are kept in perfect condition.
Amertec supplies, installs and services all the leading brands in medical and scientific refrigeration equipment such as Thermoline, Sanyo, Revco Ultra Cold Freezers and other specialised scientific fridges.

All these products can also be fitted with any level of monitoring and control device required – whether it be an audible and visual alarm or a fully integrated system with remote access for Amertec technicians.