Food & Beverage


Reliable temperature control is especially important in the wine industry given the fluctuating climates within the various grape-growing regions of Australia. Amertec provides low energy refrigeration options across the entire winemaking process; from fermentation right through to barrel storage.


Fresh and frozen seafood products must remain sufficiently refrigerated from the catch to the despatch and right up until they’re ready to be cooked. Amertec designs and supplies a range of energy efficient cooling and freezing solutions aimed at maintaining high quality seafood products.


The cold chain in the poultry industry begins directly after the slaughtering process, so it is essential your refrigeration systems are reliable and ready to go. Amertec supplies a range of cooling and freezing systems to keep the birds looking appealing, full of nutrition and deliciously tasty.

Milk Processing

Milk pasteurisation is a strict process that requires reliable refrigeration to prevent recontamination while keeping the product safe to consume. Amertec specialises in creating environmentally conscious solutions that are fully customisable for the most precise processing plant.

Meat Processing & In Line Freezing

Dependable cooling and freezing methods are essential in sustaining a quality meat product that looks both enticing and tastes delicious. Amertec provides solutions for a range of different systems including carcass chilling, cooling of processing zones and blast freezing for meat and by-products.

Juice Industry

The fresher the juice, the higher the quality, the more likely the consumer will purchase your product. Simple! A reliable refrigeration solution will prevent your juice from spoiling while maximising shelf life and maintaining the nutritional benefits of your product.

Food Processing & In Line Freezing

Food processing plants handle numerous products, from spices to sweet corn, preserves to potato chips; the variety can be endless. Amertec supplies an equally diverse range of refrigeration and freezing applications including tank cooling, water processing and in line freezing solutions; all aimed at keeping your product at its best.


The secure storage and transportation of dairy products is a vital part of the milk handling process. Amertec manufactures dependable storage vats, silos and insulated transportation tankers that keep milk fresh and give you peace of mind it will arrive for processing at its peak.


Crafting sweet tasting confectionery requires quality refrigeration, including reliable cool rooms and cooling towers. By updating to energy efficient equipment Amertec can help you reduce costs, minimise your carbon footprint and give you the financial confidence to continue creating your delicious treats.


The constant turnover of fresh baked goods requires a reliable and cost effective refrigerating system. Amertec understands the ongoing needs of a commercial bakery and regularly designs, manufactures and installs customised equipment to suit any patisserie, boulangerie or bake house.


Temperature control is one of the most important elements in the brewing process; from wort cooling, controlling the fermentation, crash cooling, pre-packaging to finally storing the product. Amertec engineers reliable production equipment and storage facilities that assist in operating a low energy, environmentally conscious brewery.