Trust Amertec to the nth degree this vintage season

Many of us Australians truly believe we are wine connoisseurs, but most of us know little about what actually goes on in the cycle of grapes. Producing wine is a long, slow and mostly rewarding process (for the drinkers especially!) and as you may or may not be aware, it can take a full three years from initial planting of a vine to the first harvest of the grape, then the first vintage could take a further few years to actually be bottled. The saying that wine is “poetry in a bottle” could not be more accurate considering the long, thoughtful and time consuming process it takes to plant, grow, harvest and produce wine – it is a true art form. For this very reason, it is paramount that wine producers use the best quality products available to help assist them with this process.


Water Pumps

We know how important it is for your vineyard to have the correct amount of watering, and with our harsh summers in Australia this usually will occur at nightfall and daybreak for the vines to be able to absorb as much of the water as possible. Selecting the correct water pump is vital for safeguarding against poor flow rate or a fall in pressure, as well as being able to incorporate efficient and cost saving outcomes. At Amertec we design, engineer and install an extensive range of brine and water pump systems with the added advantage of incorporating brands such as Grunfoss and Lowara to guarantee efficiency with costs saving advantages. You can be assured that when you choose our designs, or if we engineer a specific design catered to your needs, it will be the of the utmost quality with regular maintenance ensuring that your crop receives the care that it needs.


Wine Storage

It’s not only in the vine growing process that our products can be utilised, our refrigeration options are customisable across the entire winemaking process. The importance of temperature control is especially important in the wine industry given the ever fluctuating climates experienced across the vastness of Australia. How is temperature control important for wine storage? Red wine needs to be stored at 55 degrees while white wine can be stored at slightly lower temperatures. When wines are kept at higher temperatures there is a risk of increasing the wine aging process considerately, which is damaging to the wine and can ruin your harvest. Not only is temperature important, but humidity control is vital to ensure that the wine corks are kept moist to avoid them drying out which allows oxygen to get into the wine, causing oxidation, which again will ruin the wine. Other factors that need to be considered include;

  • Cooling systems that are separate from your facility’s main building cooling system to ensure the correct temperature is achieved and maintained
  • Individual controls for each unit will allow the ultimate conditions specific to the wine being fermented
  • Systems that allow minimum light penetration to avoid the harsh light ruining fine wine
  • The ability to store the bottles on their side to ensure the corks don’t dry out, and with minimum shaking or vibrating  so the wines sediment distributes properly

Amertec provides low energy refrigeration options across the entire winemaking process, from fermentation right through to barrel storage and ensures that the facilities remain in prime condition to give your bottled poetry the conditions it needs to develop at its full potential.

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