Australian Wineries

Industrial Refrigeration Systems; Improving Energy Efficiency in Australian Wineries.

Reliable temperature control is especially important in the wine industry given the fluctuating climates within the various grape-growing regions of Australia. Improving energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration systems can not only reduce environmental impact but also reduce energy costs and increase productivity within Australian Wineries.

Temperature control is a critical parameter in quality wine production, therefore, it is important that you have the right refrigeration equipment. Within Australian wineries, temperature control is particularly important given the warm climates found in many wine producing regions. Cooling provided by industrial refrigeration is a vital component and is typically the largest consumer of electricity in Australian wineries, accounting for 50%–70% of total electricity usage. (AWRI)

Improving energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration systems can:

  • reduce energy costs
  • reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • improve system reliability
  • improve safety
  • increase productivity
  • better match refrigeration load and equipment capacity
  • improve the working environment
  • reduce resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

(Sustainability Victoria – The Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide to Industrial Refrigeration)

Amertec provides low energy refrigeration options across the entire winemaking process; from fermentation right through to barrel storage. Throughout this process accurate temperature is vital as even a fraction of a degree can change the composition of the final product. When this tiny change can make all the difference you want to ensure that you have the best equipment to handle the job and a team that offers outstanding service to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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