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Easter Foods, Drink & Treats

Not long after Christmas decorations are being packed away, Easter treats are beginning to appear on our shelves to meet the consumer demand and love affairs for all things chocolate. Easter means a busy time for food retailers, with fishmongers and chocolatiers positioned to benefit the most from the rising demand in the two traditional Easter foods. With so many products to choose from ensuring your product is at its highest quality is essential to keeping up with the competitive market.  


Hot Cross Buns

As Easter is the biggest trading period for the majority of the nation’s bakeries, and hot cross buns have Australia salivating, it pays for businesses to look for the highest quality of refrigeration and equipment ensuring a safe and superior end product.

Amertec understand the ongoing needs of a commercial bakery and regularly designs, manufactures and installs customised equipment to suit any patisserie, boulangerie or bake house.



There is definitely demand for confectionery, with Eggs-perts calculating that Australians ate over the equivalent of a family block of chocolate for every man, woman and child last easter.

In crafting sweet tasting confectionery, quality refrigeration is a must. With the need for reliable cool rooms and cooling towers Amertec can ensure all requirements of the cold chain are met, thus guaranteeing a safe and superior end product. Amertec designs a wide range of cost effective storage solutions; which remain both fully customisable and energy efficient for any business.

If your business updates to energy efficient equipment Amertec can help you reduce costs, minimise your carbon footprint and give you the financial confidence to continue creating your delicious treats.

Retailers should cash in on Australia’s love affair with chocolate ensuring their equipment is prepared and adequate to meet this chocolate demand.



With plenty more fish in the sea, Amertec ensures you the highest quality of equipment to ensure consumers don’t have to look elsewhere due to spoilage of your products. As thousands of Australians stock up on seafood ready for family feasts and celebrations the need to ensure that fresh and frozen seafood products remain sufficiently refrigerated is paramount.

From the catch to the despatch, and right up until they are cooked, Amertec designs supplies a range of energy efficient cooling and freeing solutions which maintain high quality seafood products ready for the perfect Easter celebrations.


Experienced 24/7 Service with Amertec to Deliver the Goods

With 24/7 Service to ensure your business is running at its best, Armetec’s speedy response can often be the difference between continuous production and the costly loss of perishable goods, disappointing valued stakeholders or, potentially worse, damage to your reputation!

Our experienced mobile technicians and emergency service which runs non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensures this Easter you can focus on your creating the highest quality  products and let us focus on ensuring your equipment is operating effectively and efficiently.

Amertec designs and supplies a range of energy efficient cooling and freezing solutions aimed at maintaining high-quality seafood products. If you are looking for premium services and the highest standard of industrial and commercial refrigeration, heat transfer equipment and air conditioning systems, contact our Amertec technicians today on 1300 263 783 to book a consultation.