Case Studies

University of Technology Sydney

Mechanical Engineering – Combustion Engines Lab

The University of Technology Sydney had asked us to find an alternative solution to the combustion engines’ cooling as the existing cooling tower is located on the rooftop and is being made redundant as the university is renovating the main campus roof.

The lab is located in the underground level two, where the main chilled water chillers are also located. We proposed to cool down the combustion engines water from 90°C to 50°C by using nearby chilled water mains. We also proposed to have water-to-water plate heat exchangers, in which one side will be chilled water and the other side will be hot engines’ water.

The PHE was sized to ensure that the engines’ return water doesn’t exceed 50°C, and we also had to ensure that the hot engines’ water pump is interlocked with the combustion engines start up switch, and the chilled water three way motorized valve.

The chilled water was also designed to pass through the PHE only when there is demand for it, i.e. only when engines are switched on. The newly made skid, manufactured by Amertec, consisted of water-to-water PHE, a three way motorized valve, isolating valves, a hot water pump, an expansion tank, water treatment dosing pot, and a MSSB with standalone control. This overall lead to a highly successful project.