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Agriculture businesses: Reduce your costs and improve your profits with Amertec

Electricity usage is a reality for anyone in the agriculture industry and for most farms, particularly in Australia’s harsh climate, refrigeration represents a majority or significant portion of electricity usage. With electricity prices rising to new heights over the past few years and experts predicting further growth for 2018 and beyond, it is imperative that agricultural and electricity heavy businesses act now to minimise these increasing costs. If unprepared, rising electricity prices could damage your profits, productive ability and even overall competitiveness.

A case study by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) found that on average, fruit producers could save over $16,000 annually through improving and updating electricity intensive equipment such as refrigeration. Luckily, Amertec has invested significantly into research and development to provide a range of efficient and high quality refrigeration solutions to help your business realise such savings.

Amertec’s work with SARDI (South Australian Research & Development Institute) has allowed them to specialise in the development, installation and maintenance of cooling and freezing systems as well as cool rooms, cool storage facilities, high humidity rooms, hydro-coolers and vacuum coolers. These products have been specifically designed to handle the unique pressures of Australian meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable industries.

Furthermore, Amertec are a dedicated team willing to work with each of its customers to find the right solutions to your unique problems. This means not only can Amertec’s products provide an improvement in energy efficiency and reduce emissions, but tailored installation and 24 hour support in the unlikely event of a system failure will allow your business to remain operational, saving you costs, and more importantly, boosting profits.