Advanced Cooling & Freezing Systems are a global manufacturer of innovative cooling and freezing equipment. Amertec has built a strong association with this international powerhouse and, as a result, can offer excellent rates as the preferred Australian supplier. We are proud to be affiliated with a company that are at the forefront of freezing, chilling and hygiene technology.

Advanced has a long and prosperous history in the food processing industry, operating in virtually every sector; including convenience food and ready meals, frozen snacks, poultry, fish and seafood products, baked goods, as well as fruit and vegetables. Their systems minimise installation times while providing customers with maximum flexibility and performance throughout the entire manufacturing process. They provide service throughout the entire life cycle of its food freezing and chilling equipment; ‘Bringing food freezing to the optimum’, and keeping it there.

The Advanced product range includes Spiral Systems, Carton Box Freezers, Impingement Freezers, Contact Freezers and Plate Freezers.

Spiral Systems

Our Spiral System range consists of Modular Spiral Freezers, all-in-one Spiral Freezers, Ambient Coolers and Bread Conditioners. These systems are manufactured with a focus on high efficiency, hygienic design and the flexibility to quickly and simply disconnect, re-locate and re-connect when required.

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Carton Box Freezers

Advanced Carton Box Freezers handle all varieties of food-based products, whether they require chilling or freezing. These items include cheeses, smallgoods, desserts, red meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and even pasta! These systems also handle numerous kinds of packaging, including cartons, boxes, trays and containers.

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Impingement Freezers

Reliability is a key factor in the design of our Impingement Freezers. Advanced’s team of specialist engineers create our systems to meet the exact specifications for food processing requirements. All the equipment has been pre-tested to give you peace of mind and the knowledge you have a machine ready to go out of the box.

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Contact Freezers

Our Contact Freezers focus on saving time, space and most importantly money. Each module consists of a fully-welded spiral framework mounted on adjustable feet. This operation eliminates the need for a concrete base and consequently keeping installation time, and costs, to a minimum.

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Plate Freezers

The Advanced Plate Freezer range consists of horizontal and vertical options. Both systems are constructed with several plates in place, through which a cold refrigerant runs. However, each set up is manufactured with distinct advantages in mind.

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